July Ninenteen

About Us


We exist to make women look and feel beautiful and chic, such that whatever is fashionable, whatever suits your style we are here to provide that and pay attention to every little detail to ensure every piece comes out perfectly.

Our Services Include:

  • Made-to-Measure
  • Ready-to-Wear
  • Fabric Sale
  • Training
  • Consulting


  • Consistency – we have been consistent over the years and this has helped us carve a niche for our brand and gain customer trust.
  • Dependable – We always come through for our customers
  • Integrity – We always, always keep to our word.
  • Value – We give value for money.
  • Honesty – We tell our customers the truth always even when it hurts.
  • Passionate – We absolutely passionate about work
  • Open minded – We open to new ideas, trends collaboration etc



To become a well-known brand and to bring beautiful African timeless fashion pieces to people’s wardrobes both home and abroad.


  • Providing quality products and services to our clientele and ensuring that every fabric used is of high quality that stands the test of time.
  • To ensure every piece is TIMELESS.
  • To ensure every customer is happy and satisfied with our work.
  • To give back to the society by providing a conducive work environment, create opportunity for growth and improve the quality of life for our employees.

What Problem Does The July Nineteen Brand Solve?

Having observed that women spend lots of money on outfits that can only be relevant in a particular season that they are trending and afterwards dump them in their wardrobe till the next season when it will be relevant or may never be worn again.

We took it upon ourself to make our clients stand out at a glance by creating timeless fashion pieces that are urban, stylish, versatile, comfortable and confident in and out of season for individuals of different body types home and abroad.


 I’m passionate about outfits being simple, classy and timeless. Growing up it was difficult for designers to bring my ideas/styles (simple as it was) to life. 

I wanted to infuse different looks in one with African fabrics on contemporary styles be it corporate or casual looks. So what started just as a hobby, turned into passion for creating beautiful and timeless fashion pieces.