July Ninenteen

Our Story


 I’m passionate about outfits being simple, classy and timeless. Growing up it was difficult for designers to bring my ideas/styles (simple as it was) to life. 

I wanted to infuse different looks in one with African fabrics on contemporary styles be it corporate or casual looks. So what started just as a hobby, turned into passion for creating beautiful and timeless fashion pieces. 


 Our believe is that fashion should be relevant in and out of season and every piece made by July Nineteen should leave you happy, looking and feeling good no matter where, when or how its worn. From dresses to tops, shorts, kimonos, boubous, kaftans and lots more we’ve got our women covered.


At July Nineteen we aim to make our women look/feel, confident and comfortable with our easy and versatile timeless pieces.

Because trend should be timeless, we are strongly against a wardrobe full of clothes that cannot be worn whenever you want to, that’s why we make clothes that fits or is suitable in and out of season and ensure we use only quality African fabrics that last even after washing over and over.


It begins with the type of fabric, styles and appliques used in production. Our quest for top notch fabrics and accessories, led us to source for the best that Africa and the world has to offer.

We source our materials mostly from the local women who create handmade tie & dye, woven fabrics and appliques in West Africa. 


Purchasing more fabrics from these local women who create handmade tie and dye, woven fabrics and appliques, brings more money to the women and their communities. These enables women gain economic power and change the lives of those around her.
We empower the next generation of fashion designers through our Fashion Training Institute.